Until next time. 

Time is a funny thing. When you want it to speed up, it drags on forever, but when you want it to slow down, when you want it to practically seize altogether, time passes in the blink of an eye.

That’s how I’ve felt these last couple weeks in Europe. When I first got to Prague, time felt infinite – so many places to visit, people to meet and opportunities stood right in front of me. But once I knew that my end was near, all that time I thought I had.. vanished. There was no longer enough time to do things I thought I had all semester to do – those last few restaurants I was dying to try out, those hikes and views I had yet to see, the people I had promised to spend time with, I was worried it wouldn’t happen.

I still had to study for my exams and work on those final assignments I’d been putting off the whole semester. Not to forget, I had to somehow figure out how to cram all the stuff I’d accumulated in a semester,  into 3 pieces of luggage. But I did it. I took my exams, turned in those papers, packed my stuff and said my goodbyes. I spent my last moments with the people I knew nothing about before my arrival, the people who became my lifelines, my support team.

I’ll never forget the memories I made throughout the semester but especially those in the last two weeks – the 5 am sunrise on Charles bridge, the BYOT(bring your own takeout) party in Letna Park, the meeting of parents, the last minute prague pub crawls, and the all to frequent trdelnik and angelato runs.

Study abroad opened my eyes to a lot of things about the world and about myself. I learned how to adapt to my surroundings and how to accept that not everything is in my control. I learned how to prioritize – when to go out with friends, when to travel, or when to stay at home and catch up on assignments. I learned to put my body first, to listen to it and nourish it with food and water no matter how busy I got. I learned gratitude, how fortunate  and lucky I am to have experienced everything that I did. And most of all I learned to live in the moment, to enjoy myself and my surroundings, to stay in the present and take in the world around me. I learned that there’s so much more to this world then California or the United States, that there’s so much world that people go their whole lives without seeing. I don’t want to be one of those people. Driven by curiosity, I want to wander.

This may be it. The end of my blogging days. I have found enjoyment in writing and sharing my story and maybe, just maybe I’ll continue it. My study abroad semester is over, but my journey does not end here.



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