If I’ve learned anything this semester it’s that traveling is EXHAUSTING.

My mom arrived two weeks ago and it’s been nonstop. Explore. Pack. Travel. Explore. Pack. Travel. Explore. Pack. Travel.

Finally, we are packed and ready to travel, but this time we will be arriving in California, arriving home.

These past two weeks, we have been in Prague, Paris, London, and Boston.

In Prague, I showed my mom all of my favorite eateries and sites to see. I was her tour guide in a city I’d grown quite familiar with in the last four months. I was proud of the place I was calling home and happy to show it off to my mom. After I said my goodbyes to Prague, we went to Paris, a place unfamiliar to the both of us. We stayed in a quaint hotel in a lovely neighborhood called Marais. We saw the Eiffel tower, the Arch de Triomphe,  the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, and many works of art at Musee d’Orsay. Our last night in Paris, we had some amazing french food and wine at a restaurant not far from our hotel at the only table in the place with a view.

After Paris we traveled to London where I fell in love with the artsy and edgy district our hotel was in, Shoreditch. There were street food markets at every corner, street artwork on all the brick walls, and friendly and fun people. My mom wasn’t feeling too well so I explored much of the city  by myself. Together we went to the Tower of London bridge but when she went back to the hotel I went to see Buckingham Pallace, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey on my own. The day before we had to leave, we met up with a family member who lived in England, Meaghan. She showed us around Camden Market, an awesome area filled with shops and food stalls and brought us to the best tea spot in London. After we said our goodbye, me and my mom went to do more touristy things – take a picture on abbey road and then riding the London eye. 

The next morning, we left for Boston where we visited family. We stayed with my aunt and uncle in Arlington, visited my Grandfather in Cambridge, and walked all around Boston with my other uncle and aunt. It was a nice visit, but I know it’s time for me to finally end this ongoing vacation and go home. Home…what a strange concept.California, I’ll see you soon.



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