*disclaimer – I wrote this a couple weeks ago, but am just now posting it, whoops

At the beginning of May I spent a weekend in and around Split, Croatia.

My weekend started off with a 13+ hour overnight bus ride with the same travel company I’ve done trips with before, Bus2alps. On the bus ride I FINALLY got a stamp on my passport. Yes I’d been to 12 countries and had only gotten one stamp on my passport from when I first got to Prague. The worst part is that the stamp I finally got wasn’t even for a place I was visiting, it was for Slovenia, a country we had to pass on the way to Croatia.

Anyways, Croatia was my last trip with other students before I started traveling with my mom, so I had to end it strong.

My first day I went white water rafting in a small town called Omis(pronounced like the Amish). None of my friends had signed up so I actually had to socialize and meet new people, which wasn’t as awful as it sounds. lol

Once my group made it to Omis, we were given wetsuits, put in a raft and taught the basics. It started off pretty slow but eventually we experienced some wicked dips, drops and currents. A photographer in a kayak took photos of us throughout the activity. I also brought my gopro. Near the end of the rafting, we had the opportunity to get out of the raft and jump off a cliff. Of course I eagerly went for it, refusing to take my gopro off my helmet. When I jumped off the cliff, my hand immediately reached for the helmet after I  hit the water. Realizing the go pro was missing, I panicked, searching the water frantically. Until, of course, I realized that my rafting guides had attached the gopro to my helmet with a chord and lock so that if it fell off it would merely hang on the side of the helmet instead of sinking. After I came to this realization I touched the side and sure enough it was there and was not lost forever.

White water rafting was exhausting and we were given a late lunch/early dinner before heading back to the hotel. Once I was back I got ready for a pub crawl with my friends, but I’ll spare you  the details on here 😀

The next day we did a boat cruise (really a booze cruise but again, trying to keep this PG for the fam out there, love ya’ll), so yeah we went on a nice big boat to the island of Brac. It was a beautiful day we spent relaxing on the beach, hanging out, swimming in the water, and meeting tons of new people that were also doing the trip with bus2alps. After we returned from the island, we were able to get dinner and explore the city.

And then already it was Sunday and we had to be packed and up bright and early to get back on the bus. I knew we weren’t going home quite yet, but what I didn’t realize was we still had the best part of the trip to go. On our way back to Prague, we stopped in Krka the national park in Croatia. It was such a perfect day: the sky was blue with fluffy clouds, the trees were green, the water was clear and the waterfall was STUNNING.  Not only did we see this big and beautiful waterfall, we swam in the water of it. Nicole and I were adventurous and swam close, bringing our go pros with us of course. Luckily the water was so clear that you could see the rocks underneath and could stand on them. Occasionally we’d lose our footing and fall, trying to catch each other. We laughed a bunch, and would fall even more during our laughter. Trying to take photos of each other was even funnier because even with the rocks to stand on, there was still a strong current out in the middle. We’d swim against the current and we wouldn’t go anywhere, and then we’d laugh some more. The experience was so fun and memorable.  The waterfall was  easily the highlight of the weekend but could possibly be the highlight of my study abroad experience as whole. It’s hard to explain something to someone that wasn’t there, but I’ll attach some photos for a better idea.

After the national park we left for Prague, not arriving til 3 am. :O


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