Goodbyes and HELLO MOTHER 

Writing this as I cry over the apartment that housed me for the past 4 months. The bed that I layed in that first night as I stayed awake with jetlag all night. The horrifically colored couch that our friends would crash on. The bathroom with the shower I fell into and bruised my leg. The kitchen I used on the few occasions that u wanted to actually be healthy. So many memories in such a short period of time, all in that one apartment, the best apartment.
Yes my study abroad program is officially over and that’s why I left my apartment. But don’t worry my journey is not done.


I know I have SUCKED at posting lately . A couple weekends ago (May 5-8) I went to Croatia and I will definitely try to post about that! Last weekend I stayed in Prague and my friend visited , will also post about that, agh! Basically, I’ve been doing all the Prague things I should have been doing since the beginning: sunrise on Charles bridge, beer garden in letna park, pub crawls.
I’ve had to say goodbye to most of my friends. Whether they are returning to the states or continuing their travels, it’s sad to see so many people I grew close to in these past four months gone with so much uncertainty as to when or if I’ll see them again.


As for now, my mom arrives today, literally in hours and we will be spending the next few days exploring Prague. My last few days exploring Prague ):
After that we travel to Paris, London, Boston, and then home.
So so excited to see her and tell her about all my adventures and create some of our own!


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