Countdown: Amalfi coast, Italy 

As each day passes, I get closer and closer to the end of my stay in Europe. I’m savoring each and every moment I have, knowing it will be a memory in only a matter of time. 
Last weekend I went to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I did the trip with 5 of my friends in Prague with a travel company called Bus2alps (the same company I did my spring break trip with). The amalfi coast is bus2alps’ top rated trip so I was pretty excited but also very burnt out from all the traveling I’d been doing. Luckily, this trip took no mental energy – bus2alps took us everywhere , gave us tons of suggestions, so the trip was very smooth. 
We flew in to Rome at 5 pm. We only had a number of hours before we needed to be at the meeting point, so we went to the colosseum and the trevi fountain and then got dinner and gelato. 

After getting yelled at by the bus driver for drinking wine on the bus (when in Rome, right?!) we made it to the airport, the meeting point where our amalfi coast trip officially started. 

We went to Capri the first day by boat. Once we got there we jumped on another boat that took us around the island, stopping to go into the blue grotto, a location that was once identified as one of the seven wonders of the world. It was a very interesting experience to say the least. In order to see the blue grotto you get into a little row boat with a man who tells you to lay flat as he somehow pulls you through this tiny opening that opens up to a cave with bright fluorescent blue water. In the grotto the boat men paddle you around while they sing Italian songs loud and proud. 

After the boat tour, we went up to anacapri where we got custom made sandals made, took a chairlift to the mountain and ate a full Italian lunch. 

We spent the next day in Positano, where we had the day to relax at the beach. Me and my friends got some drinks from the liquor store and rented a boat for an hour. We even got to jump out of the boat once we were out in the middle of sea. It was absolutely freezing but the experience was definitely worth it. 

The last day of the amalfi trip we spent in Pompeii and explored the ruins of the city left behind after the eruption of mt. Vesuvius. After the tour and some Pompeii pizza we got back on the bus where they took us back to Rome. Our flight wasn’t until the next day so we stayed in a bed and breakfast near the airport and spent our last night in Italy waking along the beach and eating more pizza of course. 
It was a very bittersweet ending, we reminisced about our favorite trips and the ups and downs of our abroad experiences. I still had one more trip planned but for my friends it was their last. For me, I was sad to have to say goodbye to Italy again. This semester I managed to go to almost 20 cities in my favorite country.. I’ll miss Italy so much, but I know deep down someday I’ll find a way to return. 


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