I am a California girl born and raised, my favorite pastimes include going to the beach, eating Ice cream, and playing sports. But all these activities usually involve one thing: the sun. The problem with studying abroad in Europe is the sun isn’t always a thing, so you have to learn to adjust. For me getting used to the freezing cold is not really a possibility, but this weekend I learned to tolerate it in the effort to see the beautiful landscapes of the Nordic countries.

Last weekend I went to Bergen, Norway with a layover in Copenhagen, Denmark.
My first stop was in Copenhagen. My layover was only for 5 hours so I had a list of things I wanted to do and not a lot of time to do them. I was a little thrown off by how busy it was. There were people everywhere hanging out and maybe because I was all by myself I didn’t feel like I fit in. Nonetheless I went to Nyhavn, the most well known canal, and ate the best churros of my life. This isn’t an exaggeration folks,  they were covered with chocolate syrup and had strawberry Icecream on top – I would do almost anything to have them again. I also had to check out the food scene while I was there. Instead of going to the top rated restaurant that Copenhagen is famous for, Noma, I went right next door to Copenhagen Street Food , which was a indoor food market jam packed with every type of food imaginable. Although it seemed like it was located In a more secluded area, it was filled with many people traveling from all over. It was cool because you could get your food from any of the stations and then find a seat on one of the many lounge chairs that were lined up along the canal. Copenhagen was stunning and I think maybe if I had spent more time there I would have grown more attached.
As for Norway, I became very very attached. I would move there in a heartbeat (and live there only when it’s warm lol) if the opportunity arose.  The first day there, Lexi and I explored the city of Bergen and ate a late lunch at Fiskertorget, the fish market. We took the furnicular to the mountain and got a full view of the ocean and the city. We then hiked down mount Floyen. The trees and the grass up there were touched with snow and it felt so nice being surrounded by pure nature for once.

It was only the beginning of picturesque views because the next day we did a Fjord trip called “Norway in a Nutshell”. A fjord is a long deep narrow body of water that reaches far inland. So this trip involved a lot of transportation- 3 trains, 1 bus and 1 cruise boat in the actual fjord. The all day transportation was not a problem at all because the views were amazing. We were the first people to get on the cruise boat so we ran straight to the top in the front. It filled up fast at first but during our travels the numbers dwindled as the cold became close to unbearable and people found spots inside the heated cafe. We did a pretty good job at toughing it out and staying outside so that we could get the full experience and take in the views. But I know that soon the memory of my numb fingers and toes will dissappear and in it’s place, I’ll always remember seeing the snowcapped mountains, the frozen waterfalls, and the open bodies of water that lay ahead.

My travels to Norway showed me how truly beautiful the natural world is and how we should do everything in our power to preserve that beauty. Until next time, Norway.


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