Going abroad you have to learn to settle. I know it sounds bad, but what I mean is you can’t do every single thing you want, there’s only so many weekends available in one semester and only so many places you can fit into your schedule, you have to make compromises. But for me, Spain was the only thing I was not willing to compromise. I knew I wanted to go during spring break, so much so that when I couldn’t find anyone else with the same wants, I booked a trip through Bus2alps by myself. Luckily for me, Lexi, another student studying in Prague decided to join me for the most memorable spring breaks ever. 

The trip itenary started in Barcelona, went to Seville, then Lagos, Lisbon and ended in Madrid. (Unfortunately for me I didn’t quite make it to Seville, but that’s a long story that I’ll write a separate post about. )

I absolutely loved every single place I saw, each very different from the next. Barcelona had some awesome architecture. While we were there we visited the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, both uniquely designed by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. 
Lagos was a breath of fresh air. While studying abroad, I am constantly jumping from city to city, feeling the need to explore every inch of the place I am visiting. Lagos was a small city on the coast. Instead of sightseeing tourist attractions, we had two days to relax on the beaches and see the beautiful Atlantic oceans and the cliffs that lined the coast.
Lisbon was a beautiful city filled with history and culture. I went on the best walking tour of my life in Lisbon. Our guide was young and enthusiastic and was an amazing story teller. I felt like I learned more about Lisbon, Portugal then I knew about any place in the states. Our second day in Lisbon, we had the opportunity to go to Peniche for a surfing lesson. Living in California I’ve had so many opportunities to surf, yet it wasn’t until his trip that I decided to finally try it out. I couldn’t believe that I waited that long to do it, It was no where near as scary as I had always thought it to be. 
We ended our trip in Madrid quite abruptly. The 10 days spent in close quarters with 20 people that were so recently strangers , created friendships that I was so sad to leave behind. Although the bus2alps trip ended Saturday, my flight to Prague wasn’t until Sunday. So we spent the rest of our time, exploring Madrid like going on a boat in Retiro park and checking out the art at the Reina Sofia. 

It was an awesome experience jumping from hostel to hostel, staying at places like The Rising Cock or Sunset Destination, meeting new people and seeing new things everyday, but I am so extremely excited to be back in the place I call my home, Prague.  






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