“STUDY” abroad

Okay so it’s been about 6 weeks of studying abroad and I feel like I haven’t once mentioned the actually studying portion of that bit. Taking classes is the reason I’m here, the way I got to Europe in the first place, so it’s important.

I’m taking four classes here in Prague: Psychology of Art, Psychology of Totalitarianism, Prague Art and Architecture, and Cultural Journalism. All my classes are in english and three out of four of my classes are mixed with american students and international students. I don’t think I could choose a favorite because they each have their ups and downs. My psych of art class has the best material, but it’s also by far the most difficult. My Prague Art &Architecture class and Cultural Journalism class are awesome because we go on fieldtrips almost every class day, but there is often a lot of new material to take in so it can get pretty overwhelming and often boring too. As for my Psych of totalitarianism class, there’s no way nor point to sugarcoat it it’s actually pretty awful.

I mean I feel like I have to explain because that came off pretty harsh, it’s a combination of things: mainly the language barrier (you can barely follow what he’s saying because of his accent) and the snooze fest (when you do understand it’s so completely unecessary or uninteresting information), it’s almost impossible for me to bear. But I do know people that don’t mind it.

Anyways, I’m enjoying my other classes. I’ve already got one article published on a prague news website – the prague daily monitor and I got my first midterm back today, which I did way better than I expected. It’s Midterm week so I’ll be taking another one tomorrow and have a few more assignment do but then after that it’s Spring Break! So excited for Spain an Portugal and I can’t believe it is only 3 days away! 



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