Munich, Germany 

So this weekend I did something I wasn’t quite expecting I would do when I first got to Europe. I stepped out of my comfort zone and I traveled to a completely new country by myself.I didn’t go with a student agency, I didn’t meet anyone there, I just hopped on a bus, stayed in an airbnb and explored the beautiful city of Munich.. And God, did I love it.

You see, I’m an extroverted introvert. Basically what that means is I’m a natural introvert – I prefer to keep to myself (read a book, cook a meal, etc) but when I’m put in a social situation, like meeting new people, I still can be outgoing as all hell. I’ve been described as bubbly, talkative, charismatic, etc. Oftentimes this confuses people, people I just met may take me as an extrovert but my close friends know that’s not the truth. It’s difficult and complicated at times but when it came to traveling by myself it was absolutely perfect. I could do my own thing, I had a list of places I wanted to see and food I wanted to eat and I did it all with ease.

I saw the Glockenspiel at New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus), I drank hot chocolate at  Chocolaterria Beluga, I climbed up the Turm Sankt Peter, I got a wurst from viktualienmarket, and I walked around Munich Residenz.

Just when I was starting to get tired of my own thoughts, I would meet new people. At typical German Restaurants (like Hofbräuhaus or Weißes Braäuhaus) you’re seated at a table with strangers and lucky for me, my strangers were friendly and most importantly, spoke English. In this way I met new people from Germany over good food and even better beer. We had conversations about school, traveling, and of course, American Politics (a conversation that often comes up with Europeans lol)

The second day I was in Munich, I went to a  small restaurant called LAX eatery, where I spoke to the store owner about her love for California and how she longed to travel there more often. This restaurant had all the american breakfast necessities: avocado toast, omelettes, and even acai bowls. Although it wasn’t quite the same as back home, it still was nice seeing some familiar food items.

Munich, Germany was a fast moving,slightly confusing but beautiful city. The people were so kind and the food and beer were delicious. I can easily say that Munich found a rightful place among my favorite cities. 

(Photos: New Town Square, Wurst in Viktualienmarket, and View from Turm Sankt Peter)


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