Bad news, good outcomes 

This weekend I had a tripped planned to Interlaken with my roommates , the only trip I had signed up for before coming to Prague actually. Unfortunately it was cancelled two days before it was meant to start. Instead of going into despair over it, we decided to take it as a sign. We had been traveling places every weekend since we had gotten here, maybe it was time for a break, to stay in Prague, get to know the city we were living in. 
First thing Thursday morning , I signed up for a brewery tour that my school was going on. Then I managed to snag a ticket to the ballet that night, an excursion my study abroad program had planned. 
Friday I spent studying, but instead of confining my studies to my room, I decided to go outside. I first went to the school library to print out some things. Then I headed over to Prague 1, on a tram I had never taken before. I decided to check out a local eatery called Sisters. They served a modern twist on a Czech classic, open faced sandwiches. They were delicious. The place was fairly small but was spacious and comfortable and there were outlets at every corner, I set up my computer and began studying, ordering an espresso to get me started 
 4 hours later, I picked up my stuff and went to another cafe not far called My Raw Cafe. It served food too but I was interested in its vegan deserts. They were in a display case so I pointed to the one that fancied me and took a seat and set up my study camp again. They automatically give you water, which may be normal in America but in Europe it is a hard find, these are my favorite places. The cake was absolutely to die for , I tried to pace myself and focus on studying but I ate it so fast, I was tempted to order another. This place was a little busier, more of a hang out spot then a study spot, all around there were friends catching up over delicious coffee and desserts. I headed out once I finished my study guide , about an hour later. 

I wandered around a part of the city I hadn’t visited yet until I eventually found my way home. 

Saturday I went to Bratislava (a post I’ll write about next) 

And Today, Sunday I’m going on the Pilsner Brewery tour in Pilsen! Pilsner beer is the main beer they sell all over Prague – I’ve tried it plenty of times but I’m excited to try it at the place they make it now! 

(Attached are the open faced sandwiches from Sisters and the dessert  


 from My Raw Cafe) 


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