What have you heard about the city of Amsterdam? Most people purely think about the sex, drugs, and alcohol. Very few people get to know it as more than that. This weekend I experienced Amsterdam for what it truly is and I fell in love with it. 

Upon our arrival Thursday afternoon, we took a walk to the IAmsterdam sign (typical tourists and all). The walk took us through vondelpark.  We walked through the park surrounded by flourishing trees and deep blue water, playing on large play structures and climbing trees on the way. I knew I was sold. It’s one of those things you can’t really put into words without sounding lame and cheesy – but in Amsterdam I felt comfortable, accepted, at home. 

We did many things in Amsterdam. Among my favorite were the Van Gogh Museum, the IAmsterdam sign, the Anne Frank House, the Heineken experience, the Rembrandthouse museum and the Canal Cruise.

As for the food, I found myself endlessly stuffing my face with sweets. All on the same street you could find waffles dipped in chocolate, churros, nutella crepes, poufterjes(mini pancakes) and stroopwafels (thin waffles with syrus sandwhiched between). it was never a decision of should I have dessert but more so, which should I have? Despite all the sweets, my favorite thing was actually the crispy dutch fries with mayonaisse on top, another normal find in the city. 

I could probably write for hours about how amazing everything was in Amsterdam, but instead I’ll attach some photos so that whoever decides to read this gets to see for themselves (that is assuming, my mom isn’t the only person reading my blogs lol)

The first photo is me on top of the Iamsterdam sign. The attraction of the sign is kind of crazy. When I first got there, I stood in horror, watching as people failed miserably at climbing on top of the letters – pushing their friends on top or trying to catch them when they fell. Eventually I decided to try it out for myself and surprisingly got up the letters with ease, although getting done was a bit trickier.

The second photo is that of “Night Watch” , one of Rembrandt’s most famous paintings found at the Rijksmuseum. Next is a photo from vondel park, followed by the Bench from Fault in our Stars. Me and my friends had been joking about this bench this whole trip –  pointing at random benches and asking if that was “The Bench.” In the end we decided to look it up and were taken to the actual bench from the film. I half expected the bench to be surrounded by gawky teenagers but instead it looked like any other bench. When we got there a couple was sitting on the bench talking. We awkwardly waited for them to get up before getting a closer look.

The last two photos are of a bike by the canal and a stroopwaffel that I got at a street market.


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