Tourist center

The beautiful thing about the city of Prague is everything is pretty much walkable, we can get to most of the big places in 20 minutes and we can take public transportation easily almost everywhere. Yesterday me and my roommates went on the walking tour through CEA, our study abroad provider. They took us up to the Prague castle , which was actually closed because of protests across the Charles Bridge and all the way to Old Town Square. We had actually done the walk on the Charles bridge and up to the Prague castle earlier this week but it was a different experience because we actually had a tour guide and it was SO crowded. On a Saturday, all of these areas were the places to be, they were the tourist attractions and that was so apparent. We learned a lot about the different important statues and buildings and gained more familiarity with the areas surrounding our university. Even though it was difficult to maneuver around all the people, we somehow managed to not get lost from the group and instead took in the culture and the sites around us.


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