Twenty One Pilots

After a 10 minute walk, 2 hours of waiting in the freezing cold, and almost 2 hours of waiting for them to go on stage, I saw Twenty one pilots live. I had been hyped up A LOT about their talent during live shows, a hype that usually leads to disappointments. In this case, I was blown away by the best concert of my life.(Sorry Miley, I still love you). The concert was at Lucerna Music Bar in Prague 1 and it was a very small venue. The band admitted to it being their first ever performance in Prague and that they wished to return. They opened with the first song of their album, Heavydirtysoul, followed by the second song on the album and their most popular song – Stressed out.  Worried I was only going to hear songs from their newest album, I was relieved to hear them follow with Guns for Hands. One after another they played their songs, keeping the crowd involved and full of energy. Unlike most concerts I’ve attended, I didn’t find myself ending one song and wishing for a specific one to come on next. It wasn’t until I was on my way home that I found myself wishing they’d played Fairly Local – one of the first songs released from the album. Even with that slight wish, I was still completely satisfied with the concert and I haven’t even mentioned the best part. Twenty one pilots is known for their stunts- the drummer Josh did a backflip off the piano and the singer Tyler went out in crowd being held by his legs. But the closing number included Tyler standing on a platform while he drummed. A platform that a small section of the audience held, a small section that I was a part of. I was on the side inbetween him and the drums, looking right up at him. I held the platform with one hand, recording the whole experience with the other hand and watching everything with my own eyes. Words cannot begin to express how beautiful of an experience it was. I spent 20 american dollars on a concert that was purely priceless. Thank you twenty one pilots, the few, the proud, the emotional. IMG_6788


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