Well, I made it. I have arrived in the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic and I have already screwed myself in adjusting to the time difference. It’s 4 am Praha time and I am fully and completely awake. Everyone told me to sleep on the planes and I guess I took their advice a little too far because I cannot fall asleep in my actual bed at all now- maybe it’s excitement, maybe it’s nerves, or maybe it’s because it’s 7 pm back home !! Ugh , this is harder then I thought. The nice part about having trouble falling asleep here is everyone in California is awake to talk to at least . Reflecting on my first day – nothing went wrong at all (despite my endless amount of worries). My bag checked in without being overweight, with some help from the lovely airline worker who pushed my luggage slightly off the scale as he walked by. This changed the weight of my check-in bag from 24 kg(roughly 53 pounds) to 21.7 (roughly 48 pounds) – can you talk about being a homie. Also I am thoroughly impressed with myself for managing to bring only one suitcase, one carry on and one personal bag. (Because trust me, 75% of the ppl in my program brought 2 borderline oversized check-in bags along with two big carry ons ) What did they even bring? I have no idea but I hope they don’t plan on buying anything during these next four months. Lol

Anyways, my apartment is pretty awesome, 3 flat mates , 2 bedroom, 1 bath – super spacious. Only thing that’s a little out of the ordinary for is that bedroom closets apparently aren’t a thing- we have a communal closet near the entrance to the apartment, just something to get used to. Roommates who I’ve been communicating with for quite awhile via text are pretty awesome in person and are just as excited for these next four months as I am! We don’t have our orientation until Friday so tomorrow will be spent exploring, I’ve already picked out a place for brunch for us if they’re up for it! 

So extremely fortunate to be here and can’t wait to see what Europe has to offer! 



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